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Delivery: 5 days
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I am thinking of creating video tutorials to help users register, login, create a profile on my site, etc. I would like to talk to somebody with good experience of creating videos, in order to explore the different solutions. The videos would be step-by-step screen capture with a voiceover. I need to explore the different ways to do this: can I do this myself to a good standard of quality? Should I hire somebody to do this for me? I need to balance a professional look with budget constraints.

Delivery: 6 days
Tags: creating tutorials, educational video, hiring a freelancer, recording videos, screen capture, video editing, voiceover
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So many people have podcasts today, but how do they make money? Is through product placement, advertising, data or something else? I would love to talk to somebody who has monetised their podcast successfully.

Delivery: 30 days
Tags: digital media, making money, podcast
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I need to work on product knowledge options expiries itm otm knocked out , trs , CFd, ccp vanilla vanilla . Corporate swaps for a start a mentor.

Delivery: 10 days
Tags: Derivatives

We're developing a new site, called We want to develop excellent graphics that are modern, tell a story and fit well into the visuals of the site. I don't know where to start or how I could describe what I'm looking for. I would love to talk to somebody who has written a design brief, got it successfully implemented it and developed a good relationship with a graphic designer.

Delivery: 3 days
Tags: Design, Relationship building, Web site, Writing a brief
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