Enterprise Ireland to award funding to DCU partner for innovative tech project

Enterprise Ireland has granted funding to HayesCulleton Ltd to develop its latest project in partnership with DCU. “BECKSearch” will be an innovative person-to-person knowledge sharing platform within communities across the spectra of Business Employability and Career Knowledge. The company is the first LEO client in the country to be successful in the application.

The project, a person-to-person knowledge sharing platform, was born when HayesCulleton realised the peer-to-peer model of AirBnb and TaskRabbit couldn’t be used as-is when it came to sharing knowledge, and would need to be adapted.

HayesCulleton Ltd won an Innovation Partnership Funding round after a very thorough vetting process. Directors from the company met on several occasions with business veterans and industry experts to assess the project and answer very technical questions about their business plan and projections.

Susan HayesCulleton MD, led the team through round after round of forms, reports and meetings to defend the project and explain it down to the smallest details. After applying its characteristic rigour, Enterprise Ireland was satisfied the project had a commercial and technical basis. HayesCulleton Ltd was awarded a majority-funded amount of €125,000.

The money will go to Dublin City University : HayesCulleton Ltd partnered with the university to benefit from the latest research and state-of-the-art facilities on campus. DCU has the largest data analytics centre in Europe and has built a strong international reputation in innovation. Through DCU, the money is earmarked to facilitate research that will directly benefit HayesCulleton, as well as find wider applications. The company got full support from Dublin LEO throughout the process.

“We’re delighted to partner with DCU in pursuing this initiative. Our relationship with the various teams here has been highly positive over the years and we are most enthusiastically positive to continue building on that. At HayesCulleton, we’re very appreciative that the Innovation Partnership is available here in Ireland and specifically to small businesses focused on growth in international markets” said Susan HayesCulleton on receiving the news.

The Innovation Partnership Funding is available to small, mid and large companies with an innovative project. It is awarded by Enterprise Ireland.

January 21, 2018