No more fruitless online searches: plug specific knowledge gaps with just-in-time wisdom by people with real-life experience.

HayesCulleton Limited, a member of the Innovation and Enterprise centre at DCU Invent, will launch its latest project, a pilot for its new venture BECKSearch, later this month. The BECKSearch platform will allow members to find experts and tutors ready to share their knowledge, for a just-in-time solution.  

BECKSearch is a person-to-person knowledge sharing platform within communities. It will roll out its pilot later this month to allow DCU retirees to tutor and train staff currently working at DCU.  

The internet has been an amazing resource to learn everything from macramé to coding. However, many of us can relate to the experience of googling something, only to give up in front of the ocean of results presented to us. Who has time to sift through all that information in order to learn a new skill? Another solution is online courses. They are great, but they’re not always tailored to one’s exact problem or gap in knowledge. You don’t want to sit through hours of online lectures that go over topics you’ve already mastered, just to get at the five minutes of content that are actually relevant to you. What if you just want a bit of help with troubleshooting a very specific issue?  

That’s when BECKSearch comes in. Log on to the platform, and you will be paired with somebody who has exactly the knowledge you need, and who can train you. Look at their reviews, arrange a call, and you can get answers to your exact questions in minutes with a personal tutor. Your BECKSearch match will also be able to let you know how well you’re doing and whether you need additional training.  

Helping to spread explicit and tacit knowledge in communities  

From how to deal with old software that was used five years ago in your company in order to retrieve client files, to how to respond to a long-time foreign collaborator, an online search would be no help – but somebody in your organisation very probably has the answer. BECKSearch can complement and enhance formal training programmes by capitalising on the knowledge that is already extant in the organisation.  

Ultimately, BECKSearch will be a boon to organisations to make the most of all the knowledge and skills of their members. Companies will be able to ensure they don’t bleed knowledge when an employee leaves or retires. Business networks will be able to offer tremendous additional value by boosting the exchange of skills among their members.   

BECKSearch will also allow people to share their knowledge for a fee without necessarily needing to set up in business as a consultant or coach. Knowledge sharers will be able to make money thanks to their skills, in a quick, reliable and flexible way.

January 22, 2018